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Yemen Stc Agreement

Yemen Stc Agreement

In addition, the STC will be appointed as an official partner of the Arab coalition and will give it an effective role in the tripartite monitoring committee that will oversee the agreement. Forces heading towards Aden, Abyan and Shabwa, the site of deadly clashes between government forces and the STC, are expected to return to their original positions as part of the agreement. Special Envoy for #Yemen Griffiths congratulates the Government of Yemen – the Southern Transitional Council on the “Riyadh agreement,” says it is “an important step for our collective efforts to advance a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Yemen.” t.co/MEKlcDcYPU pic.twitter.com/rth8KAD6H6 Arab Weekly sources confirmed that the coalition had given both parties to the Riyadh agreement assurances that it would closely monitor each party`s compliance with its obligations in the agreement and that it would take a firm stand against any party that tries to reverse the agreement or evade its claims. The Riyadh Agreement has suffered many setbacks and has never been implemented, but Saudi Arabia made another breakthrough in July to drive the process. The statement also stressed that the obstacle to the differences between the government and the STC on the order of implementation of the military and political components of the agreement has been overcome, agreeing to complete the military and security plans necessary for the implementation of the military and security component. The military component of the Riyadh agreement provides for the return of all forces that, since the beginning of August 2019, have moved from their main sites and camps to the governorates of Aden, Abyan and Shabwa to their previous positions, with all their personnel and weapons, to be replaced by the local authority security forces in each governorate. Saleh Al Homaidi, a deputy in Yemen`s Ministry of Information, said the agreement was a roadmap for Yemen`s future. “The signing of this agreement is an important step in our joint efforts to promote a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen,” Griffiths said. In accordance with the security part of the agreement, Aden`s police and rescue forces will be responsible for securing the governorate during the reorganization of government forces and STC military formations, in addition to the reorganization of special forces, counter-terrorism forces and military details related to the protection of vital civilian facilities in Aden and the liberated governorates, at the ports of Mhablla, Dhabba, Mokha and the oil unit.

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