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What Does The Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement State About Dual Agency

What Does The Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement State About Dual Agency

Virtually all listing companies today offer a buyer`s agency. Listing agents who call themselves “buyer agents” are non-exclusive buying agents and therefore cannot guarantee loyalty to homebuyers. Alternating agency disputes can easily arise when a buyer is interested in buying a home listed by the buying agent`s business, as the company already represents the interests of the Homesellers. The agreement usually lasts six months. However, some agents will apply for a full one-year contract, while others will agree on a 30-day contract. Reading and negotiating the terms of your buyer`s agency agreement is key, but if you want someone to best defend your interests and you are serious about buying with the agent`s help, you should drop off your bar and sign. Non-exclusive rights to representation contracts stipulate that the buyer will compensate the broker if the buyer buys a home that his agent presents to them. However, if the seller agrees to pay a commission to the buyer`s agency, they are delighted. Under this contract, the buyer can also buy a house from another broker until his or her original broker has offered it. To avoid an alternating agency, some agents will work as transaction agents. Transaction agents do not represent any of the parties and do not protect the interests of the seller or buyer; they simply facilitate the transaction. If you are in a non-exclusive contract, then you, the buyer, can work with other agents and buy a property. This section explains the type of presentation you have.

If you accept a particular representation, it means that your agent will show you homes listed by other brokers in their real estate agency. If you accept dual representation, your buyer`s agent is now a dual agent. As a dual agent, you agree to see the properties listed by your agent and your agent will represent both you and the seller. It is quite common for a buying agent to work with the agent with whom you ask them to sign a buyer representation agreement. It exists because an agent could spend hours working with a buyer just to go under contract with another agent. Real estate agents work at 100% commission, so if they spend their money and especially their time working with a buyer who changes his mind at the last minute, it hurts their end result. If a buyer worked with Agent John for weeks and suddenly chose Agent Betty to help with the purchase of a home just because she is a family friend, John really loses. The New York State Department of State Counsel`s Office says homebuyers have the right to refuse a duale agency and can choose a real estate agent/company who represents their own interests with undivided loyalty.

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