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Va Residential Lease Agreement

Va Residential Lease Agreement

In the event of a termination of the tenancy period, either by the expiry of the tenancy agreement or due to delay by the tenant, the tenant must immediately evacuate the premises, remove all personal belongings and leave the premises in good and clean order, except for reasonable wear and tear. If the tenant is not evacuated, the landlord can sue for damages, including reasonable legal fees. B. A rule or by-law adopted, amended or made available to the tenant after the closing agreement is applicable to the tenant if the tenant has received an appropriate notification of acceptance or amendment and does not constitute a substantial change in the tenant`s good business. If a rule or regulation adopted or amended after the conclusion of the tenancy agreement constitutes a substantial change in its good business, it is not valid unless the tenant consents in writing. If the infringement can be corrected by reparation and the lessor repairs the infringement appropriately before the date indicated in the notice of contract, the lease agreement is inconclusive. The tenant cannot be terminated for a condition due to the act or the wilful or involuntary omission of the tenant, authorized tenant or a guest client or tenant. In addition, the tenant may claim damages and, through the protection of the landlord, the provisions of the tenancy agreement or the replacement of this chapter. The tenant has the right to recover reasonable legal fees, unless the lessor proves, by an overload of evidence, that the lessor`s action was appropriate in the circumstances.

If the lease is terminated due to the lessor`s non-compliance, the landlord has the deposit in accordance with the article. 55.1-1226. If a mould condition in the dwelling unit materially affects the health or safety of a tenant or a licensed resident, the landlord may ask the tenant to temporarily evacuate the apartment so that the landlord can perform the fitness according to the technical behaviour defined in the provisions of P. 55.1-1200 for a period of no more than 30 days. The landlord makes available to the tenant either (i) a dwelling unit comparable to that chosen by the landlord, at no cost or charge to the tenant or (ii) a hotel room, chosen by the landlord, at no cost or cost to the tenant. The landlord is not required to pay for the tenant`s other costs incurred after the relocation period. The tenant is still responsible for paying the rent as part of the rental agreement for the duration of a temporary move and for the rest of the lease term after the renovation. Nothing in this section should be interpreted in such a way that the tenant has the right to terminate a tenancy agreement if the lessor has corrected a condition in accordance with the technical standards covered at p. 55.1-1200.

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