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Swank Agreement

Swank Agreement

Swank Motion Pictures, a feature film distributor, offers online streaming access through its digital campus service through an agreement funded by university libraries. Films from major movie studios are available for online streaming when requested by a Penn State instructor for a Penn State course. Outdoor screenings are not permitted or are subject to our film licensing agreements. In addition, films cannot be modified, duplicated, scanned or transmitted electronically without the express permission of the copyright holder. Your annual public performance site license is automatically renewed at the end of your initial agreement. About a month before the expiry date, the extension package is mailed. As long as payment is made in a timely manner, your library will remain in agreement without interruption. However, you can request a termination at any time under the terms of the original contract. Cancellation requests can be sent by phone at 1-888-267-2658 or by email maillib@movlic.com. Please note that changing the title of the film or the date of the show after the license is processed entails a service charge of $25. Violation of this agreement is subject to the penalties of the Federal Assault Rights Act. For any questions or technical assistance, please contact the Swank Digital Campus support team at the Penn State Library in swanksupport@psu.edu It is true that the clarity of the video and the quality of the audio will not be as crisp as the DVD, but the majority of people are willing to make this compromise for the privilege of displaying a title that is not yet available in stores.

The other drawback of VHS tapes is that they are only available in full-screen 4:3 format. Our film screens are optimized for widescreen images. The simple answer is that it depends on the studio that owns the non-theatrical rights for the movie you want to show. The studios covered by the site`s annual license allow to present their titles as part of the site`s annual license. Other studios require that their titles be available only as Single Event Licenses. If a title is not held by the studios covered by the website`s annual license, it must be authorized on an individual basis before it can prove that it remains compliant with U.S. copyright laws. Movie Licensing USA also works with these studios by title: A24, Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films, Cohen Media, Cinedigm, Good Deed Entertainment, Filmrise, The Orchard, Lantern Entertainment, TSI/Amazon, Bleecker Street, STX Entertainment, Monterey Media, Relativity, Samuel Goldwyn and many others.

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