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Oakland University Articulation Agreements

Oakland University Articulation Agreements

Kevin A. Ball, Dean of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Oakland, signs the new joint agreement that benefits health science students in both schools. The University of Oakland and Oakland Community College are working with marketing messaging to support these recent transfer joint agreements. Dr. Cathey Maze, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Oakland Community College, added: “Today`s signing of the Expanded Joint Agreement opens the door for other OCC students to continue their training and obtain a four-year degree. By coming together and strengthening our students, we offer a way to improve our commitment to excellence in education, student success and economic growth in our region. Loaned to new community transfer students with an MPA of 3.80 or more and 24-55 transferable credits, OR with an MPA of 3.50-3.79 and 24 or more transferable credits. It is also awarded to new transfer students from a four-year university or university with an MPA of 3.50 or more and 24 or more transferable credits. Note that 24 transferable credits must be purchased before the end of the exchange. The agreements increase the amount of transfer credits for the three degrees and ensure a smooth movement of students between schools by offering equivalencies of courses transferred to OR. Graduation time is extremely important and, with these expanding articulation agreements, students pay only for the courses they need. If students know they want a four-year degree, the whole plan is designed to make them know the end point when they enrol in their first course at the CCO.

In addition, Oakland also offers transfer admission guarantees for transfer students from OCC and Macomb Community College. For more information about the tag, see oakland.edu/transfer. One of the objectives of the latest agreements is to support the transition of qualified students from CCO to E.E. in the exercise of bachelor`s degrees in health sciences, nursing and social work. The agreements will enter into force until October 31, 2023 and will need to be reviewed after the first five years. You must have official transcripts of every university or university you attended (and in high school, if you have less than 24 college credits) at: Oakland University and Oakland College Principals have signed new articulation agreements that will benefit even more students in both schools. “These latest articulation agreements build on the solid foundation we have between our schools and offer students even more opportunities to have a simple study path, taking advantage of the benefits that the OCC and OU can offer,” says Dawn Aubry, Director of Graduate Studies at Oakland University. Dawn Aubry, director of bachelor`s admissions at the University of Oakland, led the signing ceremony and the signing of the enculation.

OR participates in several college transfer agreements, including the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). We also have formal agreements with each of Michigan`s 28 community colleges that outline the specific academic pathway for or transfer.

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