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Northampton Community College Transfer Agreements

Northampton Community College Transfer Agreements

The following list includes the institutions with which Northampton Community College has agreements. This list includes only institutions offering online bachelor programs directly related to NCC programs, which are 100% online or most often online. General transfer, seamless transfer and memo of the agreement allow a student who receives an A.A. or A.S. (Arts Associate or Science Associate) to the NCC and all grades are at least one C, the student can delegate his or her entire degree. Students who do not obtain associate degrees are not covered by the agreement and their courses are evaluated on the basis of the courses. The joint agreement between Penn State and Northampton Community College offers students who have successfully studied in Northampton an academic pathway to a transition to parallel studies on the campus of Penn State University College. Students who have completed their AA or AS transfer studies do not receive an application fee. College Center Room 341610.861.5346advinfo@northampton.edu curricular Information and program/advice schedule agreements are included in the related documents above. The full text of the agreements must be refined in the office of the Principal Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies. Programs and requirements may change.

Therefore, students should regularly search for updated materials. Students are advised to use these documents with the assistance of a consultant or counsellor at Northampton Community College. Admissions determine the portability of credits for new students and the transition from majors to allied health majors; The clerk determines any other portability of the appropriations. 2.Students must complete AA or AS transfer studies, in good condition, without probation conditions and have a cumulative minimum score average of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0). Admission criteria may include successful completion of certain course requirements. GPAs are recalculated to submit all courses and grades, including all repeated courses, by all colleges/universities that have previously been attended, 3.To apply to Penn State, submit the application for admission to Penn State students and send official transcripts of high school, Northampton Community College and all other colleges or universities that have been visited: The following list shows the institutions with which Northampton Community College has entered into online agreements on RN-BSN. This means that a student who completes the NCC RN program (34% online) could plan to transfer to one of these 100% online BSN programs: the transferred credits are recorded at the top of the NCC transcript under the titleWork transfer.

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