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Jersey Reciprocal Health Agreement

Jersey Reciprocal Health Agreement

“All the authorities I have dealt with on the island, from the tax authorities to social security; From the health department to the Back To Work initiative were extremely courteous, efficient and supporting both my business and me on a personal level. » To learn more about health costs, check out the following links to gov.je: The island has extensive private healthcare and good relations with major health insurers. The hospital`s emergency room care is free of charge. But for the first 6 months, if you`re moving to Jersey for the first time, you have to pay for most health care (unless you have a license). This includes: www.gov.je/health/doctordentist/doctors/pages/healthcard.aspx If you have not been to Jersey long enough to have a health card (6 months), you will have to pay the full cost of all prescriptions from your family doctor. A list of free medicines is available from the Social Security Service. Or you can follow the link at the end of this page and then choose “Medical Expenses, Prescriptions and Health Cards”. Since we are older, many of us have persistent medical problems and reducing health insurance is very expensive, even most companies will not cover existing diseases. My husband and I receive “Visit Guernsey” texts about three times a week, and of course you pay for expensive TV commercials. I`ve told many friends of the boat, and because we`re now “older” but still love to sail, visiting Guernsey is not an attractive option, as there are no mutual health agreements with Britain. People now seem to only use Guernsey as a stopover in Jersey, where there are mutual agreements, or in France, where the EHICC can be used. I know that if we leave the EU, there is no doubt that this system will change, but for now it is a better option than Guernsey.

We recognise that the UK`s priority at the moment is Brexit and that health agreements with other European countries are part of this picture. We also recognise that a new mutual health agreement would most likely entail costs for Guernsey, which should be acceptable to the Committee on Health and Social Affairs and the States. Once you have been on the island for 6 months and have paid all the social security contributions due, you can apply for a social health card. You cannot claim your card immediately, but the first 6 months are counted from the first registration. You need a health card to get a subsidy when you see your family doctor and to get free prescriptions. Agreements allow visitors from a country to be treated in the same way as an inhabitant of that country. .

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