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Consensual Relationship Agreement Form

Consensual Relationship Agreement Form

When we nurture this relationship, we understand and agree on the following: in my twenty-three years of legal career, I have provided legal advice and advice in well over two hundred sexual harassment complaints. In none of these situations did the right to sexual harassment emerge from an office romance where the two workers involved had previously revealed the romance to the employer. On the contrary, the majority of situations in which a relationship went wrong arose from an extramarital employment relationship that employees wanted to keep secret for obvious reasons. Surveys have shown that about 60% of people have a relationship with a colleague and that meetings between colleagues are almost inevitable in your workplace. It can cause headaches when relationships are angry or if romance is one-sided, and create hostile work environments, when workers applaud favoritism. But what can be done about it? The answer may be to get your beloved employees to sign an amicable relationship agreement. The social relationship is the welcome and consensual of both employees. We, the signatory employees, have voluntarily established a social relationship. The social relationship is not contrary to the employer`s anti-discrimination and harassment guidelines and participation in the social relationship has not been imposed as a condition or duration of employment. While the unusual contract has yet to gain momentum in Australia, the contracts have been used by some companies in the United States. Office romance is often reprehensible in many U.S. companies, but some states` data protection laws limit an employer`s ability to prohibit employee relations. Any employee can end their relationship at any time without suffering retaliation in the workplace.

Where applicable, all disputes arising out of the company relationship or this Agreement shall be settled by arbitration. We have just discovered that two of our employees are in a romantic relationship and that we do not use consensual relationship agreements at this time. Although they are not in a superior or subordinate relationship, should we still worry? What are we going to do? Although romantic relationships are quite common in the workplace, you have reason to worry about staff dating. Not sure what “consensual relationship agreements” are? If you subscribe to our Virtual HR Solutions, you can access an example of this agreement with other policies, forms, checklists, toolkits and more. As a Virtual HR Solutions subscriber, you have access to these self-service tools that are easily customizable 24/7. Contact us for a free demo. Of course, the fear #1 for most employers is the risk of a sexual harassment complaint. The difficulty for the employer is to prove that a relationship is consensual.

The best approach is to first meet with the two employees independently of the other and determine if it is possible that the agreement is not conclusive. In particular, you should: employees can consult a lawyer before signing this agreement. In such a case, no staff member will seek or accept a direct supervisory relationship or relationship with the other. This agreement is confidential and is not intended to penetrate the privacy of employees, but confirms that both employees have received all relevant instructions and agree to abide by them. As soon as AN EMPLOYER DRAWS ATTENTION TO A CONSENSUAL AND ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO EMPLOYEES, the personnel manager or other equivalent professional must meet with the employees – separately – to discuss the office relationship contract. . . .

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