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Collective Agreement Mahcp

Collective Agreement Mahcp

Although about two-thirds of the members of the MAHCP Central Table voted in favour of ratifying the interim agreement, five bargaining units rejected the proposed transaction. Existing collective agreements for workers close to workers continue to apply, regardless of which union wins the vote. Wages, benefits, seniority and other working conditions set out in their existing collective agreement apply to workers after the vote. The mahcp negotiating committee, composed of Wendy Despins – President Lee Manning , Executive Director and ten MAHCP members working in the 22 bargaining units of the MAHCP Central Table, recommended to the membership to accept the provisional agreement. The majority of the members of the Central Table bargaining units who voted ratified the collective agreement. The following collective agreements have new collective agreements that run from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014. Important note: all members have the right to participate in the meeting. However, to vote, you need a signed membership card. If you`re not sure if you have a file or receive one, please contact: info@mahcp.ca or call 1.800.315.3331 Winnipeg (Sept).

2011) – On August 31, 2011, after seventy-nine days of negotiations, an interim agreement was reached between the Manitoba Association of Health Professionals (MAHCP) and Manitoba health care workers involved in centralized negotiations with MAHCP. The majority of MAHCP members, the Central Table bargaining units that voted, ratified the collective agreement. Existing agreements remain in force until the successful union and the employers` organization negotiate a new collective agreement. No one from a union or employer can guarantee what this collective agreement will contain or when an agreement is reached. In Manitoba, approximately 49,000 unionized health care workers work at more than 300 sites. They are included in more than 190 tariff units and are covered by the same number of individual collective agreements. There are 13 unions and several employers involved in the negotiation and management of these collective agreements. The Health Tariff Unit Review Act aims to simplify this structure. Here`s our statement from MAHCP President Bob Moroz on consolidating diagnostic services at Russell/Roblin: let`s get them back to work during this pandemic and provide services close to home when Manitobans need it most.

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