Update Your Business’ Online Identity

Can your business be found on Google? Is all the information correct? Are you using your social network followers to the best of your ability?

If any of these are no, or you aren't sure, read this article.

Collateral Custody Agreement

Collateral Custody Agreement

The collateral agent is not obliged to fulfil any of the obligations of the Collateral Custodian under this Agreement. In addition, lenders, administrative agent, collateral agent, account bank and Custodian collateral may disclose any non-public information required by law, rules, regulations, instructions, requests or injunctions of judicial, administrative or supervisory authorities or authorities (whether or not they have the force or effect of a law). For each LIBOR advance, the borrower must send a credit notification to the administrative agent and any lender (with a copy to the collateral custodians and the account bank) no later than 13:00 .m at least three working days before the working day of the LIBOR advance; provided that, where such a credit notification is sent after 1 p.m.m. On that business day, such credit notification is deemed to have been received on the next business day.

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