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Cisco Software Maintenance Agreement

Cisco Software Maintenance Agreement

In many cases, you purchase multiple Cisco hardware and software when implementing a Cisco solution. Your purchase includes a one-year hardware warranty and registration for one year of Cisco technical support, SmartNet Total Care for your software. ● Software Updates – You are entitled to software application maintenance, smaller and larger updates to keep your system efficient and up-to-date ● Engineers specializing in the award-winning Cisco TAC are available 24 hours a day to analyze software queries and help you resolve issues to help you maintain application availability. Simply put, a customer who switches from a SmartNet maintenance contract to a non-OEM can pay about half as much. Over the lifetime of the hardware – and Cisco devices are known for their longevity – these savings will have a huge impact on the overall cost of operation. This fact alone means that many Cisco customers change at or before the first contract extension. Learn more in a minute. Among the first factors driving IT managers toward an alternative Cisco maintenance contract are costs. Third-party maintenance service providers can usually count on reducing annual support costs by at least 30%. In fact, the typical Park Place Technologies customer saves 40% to 70% on Cisco prices. ● As of November 20, 2018, Cisco continues to fulfill its promise of access to innovation by offering customers a subscription to Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) for enterprise networks or Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI®) software for the SWSS data center on the equivalent of SWSS contract costs. ● Keep your Cisco software applications up-to-date and work as intended with software update services for Cisco ONE, Cisco DNA, and Cisco ACI software While we`re happy to help you resolve any issues that arise, we`ll charge for time and hardware unless you have a separate agreement with us. While these upgrades sometimes contain new features, the main reason for tracking upgrades is to perform maintenance in progress, fix errors, and fix vulnerabilities.

Get the greatest possible benefit from your software investments: Get extra help with onboarding your software applications. You`ll also have tailored advice on which features best support your business goals. ● Major releases protect your software investments as long as the software support agreement remains active. SmartNet Total Care also comes in the form of software support. ● Better knowledge and productivity help reduce costs and are essential to reduce the time it takes to solve a problem. Cisco`s extensive online resources and troubleshooting tools will help you answer frequently asked questions, develop the expertise of your IT professionals, and enable quick access to the latest software releases. Improve your company`s productivity in a smart way. Our team of experts helps you tailor your software`s capabilities to your business goals by tracking success metrics and recommending improvements. Cisco® Software Support Service (SWSS) provides technical support for software application products and suites that you have under a perpetual license. It provides basic coverage for your systems and business to run smoothly.

This contribution is just an introduction to third-party Cisco maintenance, but interested IT experts can learn more and contact us to discuss specific IT support requirements….

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