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Capacity Delivery Agreement

Capacity Delivery Agreement

9.2 Indications. All communications, questions, consents, complaints, claims, waiver declarations and other communications of this Agreement (a “communication”) are addressed in writing and to the contracting parties at the addresses listed on the first page of this Agreement (or at another address that may be designated from time to time by the recipient party in accordance with this section). All notifications are sent by personal notification, nationally recognized night mail (with all fees paid), e-mail (with copy sent without delay by mail) or by authenticated or registered mail (in all cases requested, shipping costs paid in advance). Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, a notification applies to e-mails on the date it was received, unless it is sent by authenticated mail or written after hours, and then the next day for couriers on the day of entry and the third day after a notification is sent. The EMR Delivery Body conducts an analysis and report to outline recommendations to help the UK government determine the amount of capacity needed to maintain security of supply in the years to come. This section contains links to the corresponding reports. 7.2 Subscriber Compensation. Subject to this agreement, the subscriber defends Capacity at the subscriber`s expense against any claim filed or filed by a third party against capacity, claiming that subscriber data or the use of services by the subscriber or subscriber have authorized the services in a different way than that provided by this agreement or that they violate a third-party end-user license agreement that is related to the platform of capacity. , otherwise violates or violates the property, privacy or other rights of others. In addition, the subscriber frees up the capacity of all losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that were ultimately awarded against capacity by a competent court or arbitrator or were agreed upon in a written settlement agreement signed by the subscriber with respect to these claims. 9.9 Const parties. This agreement can be executed in return, each considered original, but all considered together as the same agreement.

A signed copy of this agreement, transmitted by e-mail or any other means of electronic transmission, has the same legal effect as the provision of an original signed copy of this agreement. 7.1 Compensation by capacity. Subject to this agreement, Capacity will defend the subscriber, at Capacity`s expense, against claims, claims, actions or proceedings filed or commenced by a third party against the subscriber (“claims”) that claim that the use of the services (or underlying technology) provided here in this agreement directly misappreportes or violates a U.S. patent, copyright, trademark or other third-party intellectual property rights. In addition, Capacity frees subscribers from all losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) attributed to the subscriber by or granted in a written settlement agreement signed by Capacity in relation to these rights.

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