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If any of these are no, or you aren't sure, read this article.

Can You Get Out Of A Lease Agreement Because Of Covid 19

Can You Get Out Of A Lease Agreement Because Of Covid 19

To be able to move prematurely, you must send a letter to your landlord asking you to terminate the rental agreement prematurely and a copy of: You can also check the subletting rules in your rental agreement. Early termination of a lease agreement can put a landlord-owner in a financial connection, especially if they have to spend time and money to insure a new tenant. It`s not out of the question to help your landlord find a suitable replacement if they`re willing to work with you and allow you to terminate your lease in exchange sooner. If it`s about breaking your lease, avoid assumptions. In particular, do not think that your deposit takes care of the balance or fees you owe. If you move before the end of your lease, most leases say your landlord can keep your deposit. If your landlord disagrees, you can terminate your lease prematurely if you are in serious difficulty…

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